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Get instant pricing and order direct mail postcards online.

Introduce your product or service to customers or clients and boost your sales quickly and easily!

Let us design, print, and mail a beautiful thick direct mailing postcard featuring your products or services.


How much does it cost to direct mail a postcard?

If you mail the postcards yourself, 44 cents is the regular US Postal Service rate for a 4.25" x 6" postcard.

If we mail them for you, pre-sort them and use our bulk mailing permit, the cost for the same postcard is just about 35 cents per postcard. (the exact price is determined by the zip codes on your list).

If your postcard is larger, up to 6" x 11.5", the regular postage rate is 60 cents per postcard, but by pre-sorting and using our bulk mailing permit, the cost is only about 50 cents per postcard.

(postage rates are as of July 2022)

If You Mail The Postcards:

  • You address each postcard and hope you meet the many USPS regulations.
  • You carry the postcards to the post office and stand in line.
  • You pay the retail USPS postage cost of 40 cents or for larger postcards, 58 cents per postcard.

If We mail The Postcards:

  • We make sure each address is properly formatted according to USPS regulations.
  • We transport the postcards to the post office for you.
  • We Pre-Sort the postcards and use our bulk mailing permit rate to you save big money on postage.

Let us handle all this work for you and you SAVE 8 cents to 9 cents a postcard (On a typical 4.25" x 6" mailing of 5,000 piece postcard mailing we can save you up to $450 in postage costs! - Larger size postcard mailings, save even more!)


We pass on our low U.S. Postal Service rate directly to you.

We offer the highest quality printing available:

  • 14pt. postcard paper.
  • High-quality Offset full-color printing for postcard mailings
  • Low-cost postcard printing - as low as $.03 each
  • Choose from a very shiny UV coated finish or a Dull Matte coated finish
  • Create your own design on our site or upload your PDF artwork or let our NYC graphics professionals create a custom design to showcase your business.


Postcard direct mailings include at No additional cost:

  • C.A.S.S. & N.C.O.A. Certification
  • Removing Duplicate Addresses before mailing
  • Pre-Sorting for best postage rates & USPS documentation
  • Ink-Jet Setup & Addressing on your postcards
  • Delivery to the Post Office
  • Use of our standard postage or first class postage indicia and lowest cost postage rates
  • Data Processing of one list per mailing ($45 ea. add'l list)

CLICK HERE to download our mailing list template to see how to set up your mailing list.


If you need help ordering your custom printed direct mail postcards, please email, click the chat window below, call 212-989-6633 or come in for a visit to discuss your project. We are right here in NYC on 38th Street.

Printed with soy ink, rather than oil-based ink, on paper sourced from environmentally sustainable forests.

Please call 212-989-6633 or visit us at 252 W. 38th Street for additional direct mailing brochure options.

We are your printed mailing postcards and direct mailing experts, so ask us about using your mailing list, sending postcards using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), or having us get a mailing list for your target audience.

What is Every Door Direct Mail - EDDM? click here to find out.

Postcard SizeQuantity up toPrice
3.5" X 5"1000$ 66.79
2500$ 114.29
5000$ 168.75
10000$ 300.00
15000$ 450.00
20000$ 600.00
25000$ 750.00
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