Get attention and increase sales from your New York City Customers with Oversized Postcards, Flyers or Brochures

We pass on our wholesale, large volume

discounted USPS postal rate directly to you: 

Only 15.6 cents per piece for delivery!

What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail - EDDM is a marketing service offered by the U.S. Postal Service to target new customers in your local neighborhood at very low cost. We can distribute your EDDM mailers anywhere in the USA.

Our beautifully printed postcards on thick (16pt.) high-quality paper demonstrate your product or service to everyone in your targeted area. Be an educated purchaser. Make sure the quality of your marketing material reflects the quality of the product or service you offer and avoid low-quality printing on thinner flimsy papers.

Use your design or let our experienced New York City in-house design staff create an exciting USPS EDDM NYC postcard or USPS Ever Door Direct Mail brochure that will get results!

Benefits of USPS EDDM®

  • Save money by NOT purchasing an expensive mailing list with names and addresses.
  • Select everyone in your area with NO need to pay for printing individual addresses.
  • Inexpensive postage rate of only 15.6 cents per item.
  • Place your large beautiful message directly in the hands of your customers (where it can't be deleted or ignored like email or most other advertising).
  • You can choose delivery on mail routes based on age ranges, average household size, average household income or the number of businesses.

Take advantage of the marketing power of Every Door Direct Mail - EDDM®

Choose from the 2 options below:

Option #1

Order your high-quality postcards online HERE. You can bundle them or we can bundle them for you in quantities of 100. Fill out the USPS EDDM paperwork and take your beautiful items to the post office for USPS EDDM distribution.

Pay the low Retail USPS EDDM postage rate of 17.7 cents per piece for delivery.

Large printed postcards are about 10 cents per piece.  For exact pricing, click here to view our online pricing calculator.

Option #2

New York Printing Solutions offers a Full-Service USPS EDDM® option. NYPS bundles the postcards in sets of 100, we do the post office paperwork and then we deliver your postcards to the local Post Office in NYC or anywhere in the U.S. to be distributed. You can provide us with the mail routes you would like to target, using the USPS website's tool or we can provide this service for you.

We pass on our low Wholesale USPS EDDM postage rate of 15.6 cents per piece for delivery.

We provide our Full-Service USPS EDDM® option for the following postcard sizes: 

4.5” x 12”
6” x 12”
6.5” x 9” (most popular)
6.5” x 12”
8” x 6.5”
8.5” x 7”

Why Trust New York Printing Solutions, Inc.?

1) Thicker papers and better quality printing.

Think that is just hype and all printing is the same? Click here for FREE EDDM samples so you can see and feel the difference for yourself. These are not the flimsy, low-quality junk mailers you regularly receive at your home or office. These are premium high quality memorable printed pieces that will get you noticed.

2) We pass our huge postage discounted price of 15.6 cents directly on to you, so you can save money with every piece you mail.

3) Our personal USPS post office representative, Denise K. will personally oversee your mailing and contact the receiving post offices directly in order to make sure your mailing is properly handled and distributed once it is received at the post office.

4) We understand our local tri-state area better than any other mailing or printing company in the industry and will get you the best ROI for your time and money.

5) We are very highly rated on Google Plus and Yelp and we work diligently to provide industry leading service and printed products.


For the Top 5 EDDM Secret Tips? - click here

For more information about  EDDM® New York rules, regulations and requirements from the US Post Office

Email or call us at (212) 989-6633.

You are always welcome to come in to visit us at 38th Street in Midtown Manhattan to discuss your EDDM project and see and feel our high-quality printed samples.

A few of the many industries successfully using EDDM® to increase revenue: Real estate agents, restaurants, pizzerias, auto dealers, pharmacies, clothing stores, furniture, flower shops, coffee shops, bakeries, and more. Service-based businesses: Attorneys, accountants, fitness trainers, coaches, educational, dentists, health-care professionals, dry cleaners, home-improvement companies, investment professionals, real estate firms, landscapers and more.